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  XCPUScalar 2007 edition (v3.03). Now with TI OMAP processor support,  Enhanced faster and smoother Autoscale, Wider WM5 compatibility than before, Now supports landscape and 240x240 screens,  More speeds upto 728MHz, More PDA support, Advance autoscale control,  plus more ...

XCPUScalar for Pocket PC

Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards Nominee

"XCPUScalar" for Pocket PC has been nominated for a 2007 Best Software Award
in the category "Utilities, Overclocking / Speed Boosting"
by the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine staff and its Board of Experts!

XCPUScalar allows you to dynamically scale the processor speed of your handheld Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, WM2003 SE, and Windows Mobile 5. It uses the power of the XSCALE or TI OMAP (OMAP850 and OMAP1510) processor and unlocks its dynamic scaling capabilities. You can scale the processor speed from 100 to 728MHz. By scaling the processor speed down, you can increase the battery life between recharges or increase the speed when you need more power for playing games or multimedia programs that require more CPU power. 

A more in depth review of XCPUScalar can be read here: Pocketnow Review.




The speed can be scaled from 100 to 300MHZ on the fly for the iPaq 1910 ,100 to 500MHz for PXA250 XSCALE processors and 100 to 530MHz at 265MHz bus for PXA255, PXA26x, and 104 to 728MHz for PXA270, PXA27x or higher processors. For TI OMAP processors the speed can be scaled from 104MHz to 260MHz. Use the Auto Scaling capability of XCPUScalar and assign your own speeds to different CPU loads as shown in the picture above. With Auto Scaling, applications will get power on demand depending on CPU usage, saving battery life. Monitor CPU usage as you run your applications, XCPUScalar integrates with popular task managers like Wisbar, Icbar, and Gigabar. Monitor the health of your Pocket PC using the health meters. iPAQ 1910 users can almost double their framerates when watching movies or playing games.

PDA's based on XSCALE processors can enjoy speed increases of upto 30 to 35% (QUAKE timedemo1 test scores , reported 33 FPS using XCPUScalar on an Axim X30, on iPAQ 2215 is around 20 to 21 FPS. Speed will slightly vary from PDA to PDA. ).


XCPUScalar should work with most XSCALE  or TI OMAP Pocket PC's on market. Minimum Windows mobile 2003 and XScale or TI OMAP processor PDA required. Some of the known supported PDA's include:

XScale processor Pocket PC's:
HP iPAQ 6925, HTC Advantage X7500, HP iPAQ hw6915, HP iPAQ hw6945, HP iPAQ hw6965, Treo 700w, XDA Atom, XDA Atom Exec, HP iPAQ 6828, Samsung I730, Mio A201, Mio A701, MDPNA, HP iPAQ hw6515, hx21xx, hx27xx, hx24xx, Dell Axim X51v, o2 XDA II executive, HTC Universal, i-Mate JasJar, Qtek 9000, Sprint / Verizon PPC-6700, Orange SPV M5000,  HTC Apache, HTC Magician, XDA II Mini, MDA Compact, Qtek S100, XDA IIi, i-mate JAM, i-mate PDA2, Orange M500, VPA Compact, HP iPAQ 2410, 2750, HP iPAQ hx4700, Loox 720, Dell Axim X50v, Asus A730, MDA-III, Axim X30, X50, iPAQ 415x, iPAQ 435x, Axim X30, Axim X3, Asus A620, Asus A716, XDA, XDA2, Toshiba e800. Older but still new PDA's like HP iPAQ 2215, 51xx, 55xx series, Dell Axim Advanced, Toshiba 750/755, Asus etc. Backwards compatibility has been retained for older 400 MHz Pocket PC's like HP iPaq 39xx, 54xx, Toshiba 740, older Dell Axim Advanced, Fujistu Loox plus many more. Most Dell Axim's basics at 300MHz can also run at 400MHz / 472MHz speeds. Some Toshiba E350's / E405 can also run at 400MHz / 472MHz speeds.

TI OMAP processor Pocket PC's:
Cingular 8125, HTC WIZARD, DoPod 818 Pro, Qtek 9100, i-Mate K-Jam, HTC Prophet, i-Mate JAMin, MDA Compact 2 and clones of these PDA's.

We use safe and overclocked frequencies that have been thoroughly tested out and stable. If you want to remain on the conservative side, use only the safe frequencies. The About tab of the utility will tell you the safe industry standard frequencies to use. For more info, read the What's New section.