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1.) I uninstalled XCPUScalar but now get a notification error when I power on my PDA?

This error is caused if XCPUScalar is not properly exited before uninstalling the program. To get rid of this error, follow these steps.

bullet Re-install XCPUScalar
bullet Launch XCPUScalar, and click "File->Exit XCPUScalar" so it properly exits.
bullet You can now uninstall XCPUScalar safely.

2.) How do I get upgrades?

Read your order receipt from the place you bought XCPUScalar, there should be directions on doing a re-download of the product.

3.) How do I make XCPUScalar automatically run on a Soft Reset?

You will need to do two things:

bullet Click on "File->Minimize on Start". This ensures that XCPUScalar will start minimized when first brought up.
bullet Copy the XCPUScalar shortcut icon in the programs folder to the startup folder. Using ActiveSync, the programs folder is located at "My Device( or My Pocket PC) ->Windows->Start Menu->Programs" and startup folder is located at "My Device (or My Pocket PC)->Windows->StartUp".