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Version 3.03

New: More XSCALE PDA's supported:

Version 3.00

New: TI OMAP Processor support and enhancements:

Enhanced: Faster, Smoother and more Responsive auto scale engine:
Multiple Auto Scale engines supported, smoother scaling, reaction and performance time has been greatly improved, some PDA's could experience upto 5x faster response when scaling.

Enhanced: Supports wider WM5 compatibility

Version 2.93

Support for More PDA's
Support for HP iPAQ hw6515, HP iPAQ hx21xx, i-Mate JasJar, O2 XDA Exec, Qtek 9000, Orange SPV M5000, Sprint (AudioVox) PPC-6700, HTC Universal clones, HTC Apache clones.

Version 2.92

Support for landscape and 240x240 screens
Support for all resolutions, auto-resizing, landscape, portrait, and 240x240 screens.

Version 2.91

Support for Windows Mobile 5 XSCALE PDA's
Support for HP iPAQ hx24xx, hx27xx, Dell Axim x51v, x50v, o2 XDA II executive WM5 PDA's. Other generic WM5 XScale PDA's should most likely work too.

Version 2.88

More PDA support
Support for Orange M500, i-Mate PDA2, VPA Compact, and newer HTC magician ROM's.

Version 2.87

More PDA support
Support for HTC Magician, XDA II Mini, MDA Compact, Qtek S100, XDA IIi, i-mate JAM, HP iPAQ 2410, 2750.

Autorecovery override
Option to ignore safety checks when booting up so you can boot up with whatever frequency you want. Do not enable this unless you know the frequency you are using is stable.

Version 2.85

Support for VGA / Quasi VGA PXA270 XSCALE PDA's:
Support for PXA270 XScale based VGA PDA's like HP iPAQ hx4700, Loox 720, Dell Axim X50v, Asus A730, MDA-III . Will also work with non VGA PXA270 PDA's like Axim X30 and X50. If your PDA has its own power setting, please set it to "Maximum Performance" or a setting that is not "Auto" to prevent conflicts with XCPUScalar.

Autorecovery from soft lockups when using unstable speeds
XCPUScalar will now auto detect a soft lockup if speed was unstable and will automatically revert to your PDA's default speed after a soft reset.

Version 2.82

Transparency support for CPU Meter:
CPU Meter can now display the background color as transparent so it can seamlessly integrate with your today screen. Please read the ReadMe.txt file on how to use this functionality.


Fixes flicker problems on Asus 716 PDA's.

Version 2.80

All version 2.53 features plus these additional features.

Support from 100 to 728MHz, WM2003 SE and PXA270 processor support:
XCPUScalar now has support for all popular frequencies from 100 to 728MHz. PXA250 XScale processors can be scaled upto 500MHz, PXA255, PXA261, PXA262 or PXA263 XScale processors upto 530MHz at 265MHz bus speed, and PXA270 processors upto 728MHz. XCPUScalar automatically detects your PDA and applies the best clock speed, bus speed, and memory speed ratios for your PDA for optimum performance.

Change Colors of CPU Meter to match your Today Screen Colors
Change foreground and background colors of CPU Meter to match Today Screen or task managers that XCPUScalar integrates with, like WisBar Advance, GigaBar or ICBar.

Total control of the Auto Scale settings.
Take total control of the scale settings at a finer level, its fully configurable now in 5% increments.

3D Icons
Added new 3D icons for a fresher look and feel.

Ability to add Power Off and Soft Reset Icons to Today Screen
XCPUScalar allows you to install a Power Off and Soft Reset icons on the Today Screen for one click Power Off / Soft Reset.

Auto Start on Soft Resets
XCPUScalar now allows you to Auto Start after a Soft Reset through a menu option. No longer are you required to put a shortcut in the Startup folder manually.

More Pocket PC's supported.
XCPUScalar should work with most XSCALE devices on market and some 300MHz XSCALE devices like Dell Axim X5 basic and Toshiba E350. Particularly the following new PDA's should work even more efficiently - iPAQ 415x, iPAQ 435x, Axim X30, Axim X3, Asus A620, Asus A716, XDA, Toshiba e800. Older but still new PDA's like HP iPAQ 2215, 51xx, 55xx series, Dell Axim Advanced, Toshiba 750/755, Asus etc. Backwards compatibility has been retained for older 400 MHz Pocket PC's like HP iPaq 39xx, 54xx, Toshiba 740, older Dell Axim Advanced, Fujistu Loox plus many more. Most Dell Axim's basics at 300MHz can also run at 400MHz / 472MHz speeds. Some Toshiba E350's can also run at 400MHz.

ENHANCED: Anti Flicker Screen Filter
This option was designed specifically for the Ipaq 39xx, Ipaq 415x, Asus A620 and some other PDA's that flicker when the speed changes. Enabling this option should virtually eliminate screen flicker.

ENHANCED: Ability to save all configuration options.
All configuration and speed settings are saved automatically and applied even after a soft reset. XCPUScalar will now boot with whatever speed you have defined as opposed to the PDA's default speed as previous versions.

Version 2.53

All version 2.3 features plus these additional features.

Support for Windows Mobile 2003:
XCPUScalar is fully forwards and backwards compatible with Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 operating systems.

Added support for new Pocket PC's:
XCPUScalar now supports all new 400 MHz XScale Pocket PC's like HP iPAQ 2215, 51xx, 55xx series, Dell Axim Advanced, Toshiba 750/755, Asus etc. Backwards compatibility has been retained for older 400 MHz Pocket PC's like HP iPaq 39xx, 54xx, Toshiba 740, older Dell Axim Advanced, Fujistu Loox plus many more.

Support from 100 to 500MHz:
XCPUScalar now has support for all popular frequencies from 100 to 500MHz. PXA250 XScale processors can be scaled upto 500MHz and PXA255 XScale processors upto 472MHz with bus speeds of 236MHz.

Support for higher bus speeds:
XCPUScalar now has full support for PXA255 processors and bus speeds can be scaled upto 236MHz automatically depending on processor type. Enjoy increased bandwidth for all applications especially games and multimedia applications. For example Quake runs at 18 FPS using XCPUScalar running at fastest speed on a HP iPAQ 2215, approximately 22% speed increase.

AC detect:

XCPUScalar will automatically detect an AC signal when PDA is docked and supply constant speed so there are no ActiveSync problems if Autoscaling is enabled. When undocked, autoscaling will resume if it was enabled.

Version 2.3

Auto Scale with CPU load
Power on demand, XCPUScalar will now automatically calculate the CPU load on your Pocket PC and switch speeds automatically depending on whether an application requires less or more power. XCPUScalar will scale the speeds automatically and throttle speeds as applications demand power. XCPUScalar throttles down to idle speed when there is no activity giving you the maximum battery power consumption. You can assign your own speeds to different CPU loads as you desire.

XCPUScalar calculates all factors and normalizations automatically and takes the guess work out of using auto scaling.

CPU Meter and WisBar /Gigabar /Icbar or other TaskBar Manager Integration
XCPUScalar will now install an animated CPU meter icon on your TaskBar (this is the blue title bar area), you can monitor the CPU load and speed when running any application. Clicking on the CPU Meter will launch XCPUScalar for quick access to all settings. CPU Meter detects other taskbar managers and will install its icon in their taskbar area. The position of CPU Meter can be adjusted to be placed anywhere on the taskbar.

Health Meters
At a glance look at all the vital signs of your Pocket PC. Meters show you CPU usage, Battery Life, Memory program and storage Meters. See how much memory is being used, or left on the fly.

Reduce Screen Flicker Option
This option was added in XCPUScalar 400 only, to support the Ipaq 39xx and 54xx series to virtually eliminate screen flicker during speed changes.

Minimize On Start
XCPUScalar can be minimized to start automatically when a soft reset occurs and the system starts up.

Support from 100 to 500MHz
XCPUScalar 400 now has support for all popular frequencies from 100 to 500MHz. The Ipaq 1910 version can be scaled from 100 to 300 and has a optimized 300MHz speed that reaches benchmark speeds of other 400MHz Xscale's.

Today Screen system tray support
XCPUScalar can be run from the system tray of the Today Screen allowing easy access to all configurable settings. The system tray icon animates when you change CPU speed, showing you currently running speed at a glance. The tray icon is user selectable and can be turned off.

Sticky Settings
XCPUScalar automatically detects the speed of your handheld and will automatically force the CPU speed to the user selected speed if it detects that its different. Most 400MHz XScale Pocket PC's automatically reset their speed to the manufacturer's default speed of 400MHz when you Power Off the unit, or when the unit goes into idle mode, causing battery drain. XCPUScalar automatically detects these changes and will revert back to the user selected speed. This setting is user selectable and can be turned off.

Hardware KeyLock
XCPUScalar can now lock your hardware keys so they do not accidentally start other programs when the handheld is in the ON or OFF position.

Display Toggle
This feature is a display toggle, you can now listen to MP3's while the screen is turned off, saving battery life. by default the Today/Home button (last button on your right) is mapped as the display toggle button to turn the screen ON/OFF. Use it in combination with KeyLock to lock all keys but the display toggle key.

Power Off and Soft Reset
With one click you can now power off or soft reset your Pocket PC without pressing any hardware buttons.

Launch from Anywhere
XCPUScalar can be configured to execute from the control panel, via a shortcut, from the TaskBar area or from the system tray of the Today Screen. This gives you maximum flexiblity in launching XCPUScalar.

Stealth Mode
When XCPUScalar is minimized to the system tray, it will automatically remove itself from running processes list.